Creating tone and voice of the app

As a User Experience designer, I always felt that the language used in the app was very important for creating a good experience. Since we didn’t have a UX writer and I felt that the copy in the app was written in the inconsistent tone and voice, I proposed to prepare application tone & voice guidelines that would help everyone working with the product to write clear and consistent copy.

My goal was to create tone & voice guidelines that would strongly reflect our company image as well as help other designers and developers write better copy.



Since it was my idea in the first place, I was responsible for gathering necessary information and creating the guidelines.
I worked with a UI designer to make the guidelines more aesthetic.



To create guidelines, first I needed to establish what tone and voice would Growbots like to have. I've organized a workshop with people from different departments in the company that were most related to the subject - marketing, Customer Success and design.

On the workshop, we've created a Growbots persona and established the tone of communication for various messages.

I also analyzed the style of writing of our CS team (looking on Intercom and email conversations with clients) to make the tone and voice more consistent on every customer touchpoint.






I prepared tone & voice guidelines for the Growbots app that described how to write various types of messages (e.g. errors, educational pieces) in a defined tone.

Guidelines also consisted of many tips for using grammar, words to use or avoid and examples of the good copy. It was distributed among designers and developers and is used whenever a new message has to be written in the app.


During the project, I gained an understanding of the importance that a defined tone and voice can have on user experience. I also learned a lot about UX writing - its rules and good practices.

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